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Pest control for food processing plants

With over 95 years of expertise, we are trusted by multinational food processing companies in over 90 countries to advance their food safety standards

The food processing sector is a whirlwind of activity, perpetually in motion, it responds in real time to shifts in consumer preferences, technological advances, and regulatory changes. Producers are constantly innovating, striving to enhance efficiency, shelf-life and flavour while navigating rigorous safety standards. 

Across rapid production cycles, tight turnaround times, and the continuous introduction of new products, food safety is at the heart of your business. At Rentokil, we get that. With 95 years of practical experience in pest control specifically tailored for food processing plants across 80 countries, we are committed to upholding the most stringent food safety standards. We're not just a pest control company; we're your partner in safeguarding your reputation and your products.


Zero-tolerance pest control methods for the food processing industry

In the intricate world of food processing, ensuring safety and maintaining your reputation is paramount. At Rentokil, we stand beside you as more than just a pest control provider; we're your trusted partner.

Manage risk round-the-clock

In high-risk food areas, zero-tolerance for pest infestations is a must. Our advanced digital pest management solutions enable continuous monitoring and proactive prevention, supporting your statutory obligations 24/7.

Simplify auditing and compliance

Meeting robust requirements is challenging with complex supply chains and stringent legislation. That's where myRentokil comes in. It's an online pest management system that offers traceability and analytic tools to help with audit and compliance across all your sites. We make pest control in food processing simple and transparent.

Integrated pest management

We offer customised, integrated pest management programs tailored to your individual food processing site. Our approach ensures the highest levels of food safety and supports regulatory compliance with certifications and licences.

Control costs effectively

We offer a flexible package of pest control solutions, designed to protect your business while saving costs. It's a way to avoid pest issues that could hit your bottom line and developed to support ongoing operational cost savings.

Pioneering solutions

Changes in pest types or legislative demands? We adapt quickly, taking advantage of the latest technology and innovations. Our pioneering and industry-leading solutions ensure that our customers retain the highest levels of pest control for food processing plants.

Global reassurance

We bring you peace of mind on a global scale. Operating in 90 countries with over 19,000 certified pest control technicians, we adhere to Standard Operating Practices and implement service solutions that comply with local laws and regulations. Trust in our integrated, environmentally-friendly pest management solutions to prevent costly infestations.

Stay pest-free, stay safe with Rentokil

At Rentokil, we don't just offer pest control; we offer peace of mind. Our understanding of the food processing industry allows us to proactively prevent risks, offering greater transparency and improving operations across your entire business. Contact us now and discover how our tailored pest control solutions can support your food safety standards.

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