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Pest control for healthcare companies

With over 95 years of experience, we’re are your professional partner for pest risk mitigation, working in compliance with industry best practices and statutory obligations.

Pests are a constant risk for businesses in the healthcare industry, such as hospitals and care homes. They can contaminate medical supplies, equipment and hygiene-sensitive surfaces.

At Rentokil, we understand the complex issues that healthcare organisations face. We provide the most advanced and comprehensive pest control solutions to help protect your premises from further risks. Our proactive, connected solution – PestConnect – uses the latest in pest control technology to monitor your site 24/7, ensure minimum disruption and reduce the use of toxic solutions near your staff, patients, food and medical supplies.

Protecting the healthcare industry from pest infestations

High patient and visitor turnover, multiple entry points and sources of food can make managing pest control in healthcare facilities challenging. The business impact of pest infestations can range from damage to electrical items, to the contamination of equipment that can result in infections that cause serious medical complications for your patients. This can lead to patient complaints, revenue losses, litigation and compensation claims and long-lasting damage to your organisation’s reputation.

Rentokil understands the impact that pests can have on your facilities, the importance of protecting your patients’ health and wellbeing and the need to adhere to ever-tightening regulations. That’s why we believe it’s essential that healthcare companies take appropriate measures to facilitate the prevention, early detection and control of pests.

Innovative, 24/7 protection

We constantly push the boundaries of technical innovation and science, providing you with the most advanced range of IoT enabled, connected, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions on the market to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

A fully integrated and proven approach

Rentokil’s management of all pests is governed by a highly effective Integrated Pest Control plan that fits your needs, to ensure your hospital stays safe and productive.

Vast experience of protecting healthcare companies

Rentokil has unrivalled experience in providing hospitals with comprehensive pest control solutions. We can provide a solution tailored to the exacting needs of healthcare facilities around the world.

A fully comprehensive service

Whether you need reliable maintenance services, a fast emergency response, training in pest protection for your employees, or inspections by our expert field biologists as part of an audit programme, we can provide your healthcare company with all the help you need.

Consistent standards

With an in-depth knowledge of all relevant laws, regulatory requirements and audit standards, we ensure high quality, consistent solutions across all your healthcare sites. With operations in over 90 countries, we make sure your hospital performs to the highest of standards.

Industry-leading research and development

Our Global Research and Development Centre, a hub for new innovations, keeps your hospital ahead of pest challenges. By continually developing new innovative solutions, we ensure you’re always in the best possible position to protect your business.

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Pest control services

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Innovation and expertise

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