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Pest control for multinational logistics companies

Rentokil’s advanced solutions and services enable warehouse and logistics businesses to ensure goods, vehicles and premises remain safe from pests throughout the supply chain.

Rentokil has decades of experience of working successfully in partnership with many of the world’s largest global logistics businesses.

As the world’s leading pest control service provider, we understand the unique challenges of the industry and how every year pests cause huge economic losses. It’s a problem that’s becoming even more difficult to manage as modern supply chains grow in complexity and businesses need to adhere to ever-changing laws and regulations.

These evolving challenges mean logistics businesses need to adopt comprehensive, integrated and intelligent pest control tailored to individual sites.

Protecting transport and logistics companies from costly pest infestations

We work proactively with our customers to provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness. Our advanced solutions and services are designed to help warehouse and logistics businesses ensure goods remain safe and undamaged across the supply chain by providing ongoing protection and early detection of infestations.

We have created a portfolio of solutions delivered by our team of experts, which are designed to keep you in control and safeguard your business and reputation.

24/7 year round protection

PestConnect, an industry-leading connected pest control solution, monitors your premises 24/7 and provides instant notification of pest activity, enabling a rapid response and a higher level of protection for high-risk stock, vulnerable locations and automated warehouses.

Keeping you in control

myRentokil, our online pest management system, provides easy access to reports, data and analytical tools to support audit and compliance across all your sites globally, simplifying procedures and saving you time.

Supporting cost control

Rentokil has developed a unique portfolio of pest control solutions and services designed to protect your business effectively, offer flexibility and ensure cost efficiency. Global businesses can ensure consistent protection and service levels across their entire estate while benefiting from cost savings.

Innovative solutions

We enable customers to stay ahead of pest challenges with pioneering and unique solutions such as Rentokil Flexi Armour Dock, our innovative pest-proofing portfolio, industry-leading LED insect light traps, advanced fumigation services and novel bird control solutions.

Global consistency

Rentokil ensures high-quality, consistent solutions across all our global customer sites. With operations in over 80 countries and 19,000 qualified pest control technicians with significant sector expertise, we work to rigorous operating standards and offer service solutions that comply with local laws and regulations.

Integrated pest management

By using Integrated Pest Management principles, we ensure high levels of protection and safety. We implement comprehensive pest management programmes tailored to your individual sites and fully support regulatory compliance and external auditing requirements.

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Providing multinational businesses with comprehensive, tailored solutions to support your global pest control needs

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