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Office pest control and management

Innovative pest management solutions to support high hygiene standards and protect staff, visitors and equipment.

The risks pests pose in offices are numerous, varied and can escalate quickly. Rodents, crawling insects and birds can spread pathogens and disease and cause damage to buildings. Pest infestations in an office can also disrupt operations and negatively impact impressions of a company’s brand.

Businesses have a duty of care to their staff and need to consider how they can minimise risk, keep their employees safe and avoid the spread of germs that cause illnesses. With over 95 years of experience in the workplace sector, Rentokil offers pest and hygiene solutions to keep your offices protected.

Protecting commercial properties from costly pest infestations 

Office buildings are incredibly well-suited for pest infestations. Warm, habitable environments where food is often available, pests have ample entry routes and an abundance of places to live and breed - raised computer floors, plant rooms, storage cupboards, lift motor rooms and canteens, just to mention a few.

At Rentokil, we offer state of the art, connected pest control solutions to reduce the impact of pests, prevent against significant loss and damage and actively protect your employees and their workspaces.

Safeguard staff health and wellbeing

Pests can facilitate the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause infections and put your employees at risk. Protect your staff and with a proactive approach to pest management.

Protect valuable business assets

In office spaces, pests can cause extensive damage to the building, fittings and stock. Rodents are notorious for damaging IT equipment by gnawing on wires – and damage to electrical cables can even cause fires.

Reduce costs and expenditure

If pest infestations escalate, they can generate huge cleaning, maintenance and repair costs. Combat these expenses with proofing and prevention measures that can stop pests from gaining access to your building.

Global account management

Comprehensive, tailored and integrated pest management solutions for MNCs through a single point of contact. Take full control of your estate today.

Pest control innovation and expertise

Our global research and development centre drives our cutting edge innovations for commercial pest control.