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Integrated pest management for the pharmaceutical industry

Rentokil supports pharmaceutical facilities with innovative pest management solutions along with regulation and legislation compliance.

Our skilled technicians create effective defences against pests and use their expert knowledge to provide tailored support to pharmaceutical businesses. We monitor for infestations and tackle any identified pest problems quickly while establishing the cause of the incursion to mitigate future risk. Our integrated pest management solutions provide all around support and ensure your business complies with all legislative requirements.

Protecting the pharmaceutical industry from costly pest infestation

Pharmaceutical businesses require zero tolerance of pests – not only for compliance purposes, but for the protection of their processes, brand and reputation. Rentokil offers:

24/7 risk management and pest control

The propensity of pests to carry diseases, contaminate materials and spread dirt is particularly problematic in clean rooms and preparations areas of pharmaceutical plants. Rentokil offers a suite of connected solutions which provide 24/7 monitoring, proactive prevention, real-time response and pest control to ensure medicinal products are not compromised during the manufacturing process.

Simplified auditing and compliance

myRentokil is an online pest management system that provides traceability, transparency and analytic tools to meet the exacting audit and compliance standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Cost control

Rentokil’s flexible package of pest control solutions are designed to support ongoing operational cost savings and mitigate risk to avoid pest issues which impact your bottom line.

Industry-leading innovations

Rentokil’s Global science and research centre harnesses state-of-the-art technology to ensure pharmaceutical companies are fully equipped to overcome pest incursions and are protected against future pest challenges with our industry-leading solutions.

Global reach, local expertise

With operations in 80 countries and 19,000 certified pest control technicians, Rentokil adheres to rigorous Standard Operating Practices and service solutions which support local laws and regulations.

Integrated pest management

Rentokil’s bespoke integrated pest management programme will ensure the highest levels of food safety across your entire business, meeting regulatory compliance and external audit requirements with certifications and licences.

The consequences of pests in clinical environments

Pests can affect pharmaceutical facilities through the damage of buildings and products as well as cross contamination, the impact of pests can be wide-ranging and lead to:

  • Loss of trust from  customers, suppliers and industry leaders
  • Damage to your brand and reputation
  • Damage to goods and consequent product recalls
  • Production line stoppages and associated loss in revenue
  • Liability for claims and compensation
  • Possible legal action from public health authorities or regulatory bodies

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