EcoCatch Flies

The most sustainable outdoor fly control solution

EcoCatch Flies presents an innovative, sustainable solution to outdoor fly control. Designed for businesses that value environmental responsibility without compromising efficacy, EcoCatch Flies tackles the challenges of outdoor fly control and replaces conventional single-use products, making it the most sustainable solution on the market.


Introducing EcoCatch Flies: Stylish, sustainable outdoor fly control

Effective catch rate

EcoCatch Flies outperforms traditional fly control methods by a significant margin. In controlled tests, it was shown to catch 60% more flies in 24 hours than the market-leading external fly trap. This superior catch rate is a testament to the innovative design and effectiveness of EcoCatch Flies.

Eco-friendly fly control

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of EcoCatch Flies. Over 33% of each unit is made from recycled plastic and can be reused almost indefinitely - significantly reducing plastic waste.

Easy installation

The flexibility of EcoCatch Flies is unmatched. It can be mounted on walls or poles hung from ceilings, and doesn’t require electricity. This versatility allows it to be used in various outdoor settings, from restaurant patios to waste management facilities.

How EcoCatch Flies work

Strategic placement

Our expert technicians conduct thorough surveys to identify strategic locations for EcoCatch Flies installation. These locations are typically high fly-activity zones such as near bins, outdoor dining areas, or entrances.

Advanced fly attraction

EcoCatch Flies uses a combination of scent-based lures and visual cues to attract flies. These attractants are locally sourced and specifically designed to target and lure flies, enhancing the effectiveness of the trapping process. 

Efficient trapping mechanism

Once attracted, flies enter the trap through a specially designed opening. The unique design of EcoCatch Flies ensures that once inside, flies cannot escape, ensuring effective control. 

Regular servicing and maintenance

Our pest control technicians provide regular servicing of the unit(s) in line with specific SLAs. This ensures the trap remains effective over time, maintaining the high standards of fly control expected by our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EcoCatch Flies safe for the environment?

EcoCatch Flies is designed with environmental sustainability at its core with over 33% of the unit made from recycled plastic. It can be reused almost indefinitely – making it more sustainable than single-use fly control products – and helping to save tonnes of plastic yearly.

Can EcoCatch Flies be used in all commercial outdoor settings?

Yes, EcoCatch Flies is exceptionally versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor commercial settings. From bustling restaurant patios to busy food processing facilities, EcoCatch Flies offers reliable, effective outdoor fly control.

Does EcoCatch Flies require a power source?

No, EcoCatch Flies is a non-powered device., operating without the need for electricity or batteries. This feature not only makes it cost-effective but ensures it can be used in remote or power-limited locations.

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